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V3 Capital Strategies, LLC (has established itself as a leader in the Advisory and Investment Banking industry for middle market (revenues less than $1 Billion) companies. As a boutique firm, V3 spends an extensive amount of time and energy working with our clients. Providing exclusive, personal attention to a select group of clients is the hallmark of our success. Our diverse and broad range of experiences provides a solid track record for all of our clients' needs.

Client Industry
Engagement of Services


& Banking

  • Identified acquisition target for expansion and diversification of our client;
  • Conducted initial due diligence and negotiated the purchase through an extensive auction process;
    Wrote business plan for integration and expansion of the target acquisition;
  • Wrote Descriptive Memorandum and successfully arranged for H.I.G. Capital to serve as equity sponsor for the acquisition;
  • Represented client in negotiations for formation of joint venture with H.I.G. Capital;
    Represented the joint venture in negotiation of purchase contract as the stalking horse bidder in a Section 363 Sale process;
  • Developed highly detailed economic model, financial analysis, and debt structure;
  • Wrote offering memorandum for debt offering by Jeffrey’s and further assisted in the preparation of presentation to underwriters;
  • Prepared client for investor presentations and presentation to Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s;
  • Successfully arranged debt and equity to support the transaction ($95 million);
  • Represented the joint venture company through the Section 363 sale process and auction.


& Banking Services

  • Engaged to represent an environmental construction conglomerate as investment bankers in a Chapter 11 proceeding to assist in the marketing and sale or reorganization of the companies;
  • Assisted the senior secured lender, LaSalle Business Credit, and the management teams in marketing the companies;
  • Conducted diligence of the existing companies, provided pro-forma financials for the restructured companies, assisted the LaSalle Business Credit in obtaining accurate cash flow reporting or projections from the companies and in establishing controls for use of cash collateral;
  • Developed a detailed economic model of the companies and assisted the parties in understanding the valuation of the companies and the restructuring / sale options;
  • Developed descriptive memorandum and conducted an auction process for the sale of the companies;
  • Negotiated and structured the sale of each company, securing a complete recovery for LaSalle Business Credit;
  • Structured the debt and equity to support the transactions;
  • Continue to advise the companies after sale, each of which has performed at higher levels than projected.


Banking Services


  • Requested by GE Capital, in conjunction with V3 Capital Funding, LLC, to assist in underwriting the credit and structuring a SCIL strip of debt in the proposed refinancing of a 100 year old manufacturing company with global sales and manufacturing operations in China;
  • Concluded the underwriting and assisted V3 Capital Funding, LLC in structuring the requested SCIL. When the owners declined to raise or provide sufficient additional equity to support the proposed debt, we were requested by the management team to assist them through a proposed buyout;
  • In conjunction with Angel Investors, LLC (as equity sponsor for the management team), negotiated a Letter of Intent with the owners and senior secured creditor for the purchase of assets;
  • To support the sale, we arranged a pre-bankruptcy credit facility that would be available as a DIP facility upon filing of a bankruptcy proceeding to ensure the continued operations of the company during it peak manufacturing season;
  • Continue to advise the management team in the development of their business.

Real Estate / Timeshare

& Banking

  • Engaged by a real estate development and marketing company seeking equity or debt placement to provide capital for the development of a $25 million project in the Midwest.
  • Conducted due diligence on client, developed a comprehensive economic model, and wrote business plan for the growth of the company and development of the Project;
  • Assisted the company in developing the supporting marketing strategy;
    Advised the company on proper corporate structure to ensure a smooth integration of equity and debt. V3 determined the company's most amicable solution was a debt placement, as the owners did not want to dilute any interest in the company;
  • Developed a descriptive memorandum supporting the infusion of capital, through a subordinate debt structure, to support the project;
  • Identified prospective lenders and negotiated a final term sheet. V3 concluded the transaction leading all negotiations, due diligence visits, closing requirements and professional services coordination;
  • Despite the recent troubled financial history of the company, V3 was able to secure a secondary collateral institutional loan (SCIL) to provide the necessary capital to begin operations and construction of the facility.

Entertainment – Theme Park

Development, Management, Banking Services, M&A

  • Retained by developers of a planned theme park in the Caribbean to assist in the financing and development of the park;
  • Assisted Newman & Associates (a division of GMAC Commercial Holding Capital Markets) in underwriting the proposed bond-financing program;
  • Conducted in-depth research into the market size, travel into the market, demographics, and seasonality. Reviewed the proposed design, construction method, staffing requirements, and entertainment mix;
  • Developed a comprehensive economic model, detailed business plan, analyzed all aspects of the company’s operations, staffing levels, marketing strategies, and determined and structured the capital raise requirements;
  • Assisted local economics professionals in developing a supporting financial impact assessment for the project to support the proposed public financing;
  • Assisted the client in redesigning the proposed park and the developing a more fiscally attractive entertainment mix;
  • Drafted the bond legislation and negotiated on behalf of the client with the Governor and public bodies for additional public support. This resulted in over $10million of additional public support to the project and the successful passage of enabling legislation for the proposed bond issue and public support;
  • Made available to the clients over $110 million in capital for the project.

Entertainment- Theme Parks

Economic Advisory

  • Retained by industry leading consulting firm to assist in the economic analysis of a proposed theme park relocation and redevelopment;
  • Conducted in-depth research into the demographics of both the current site and the proposed site; developed a comprehensive economic model for the current and redeveloped park (with different entertainment elements); assessed the market differences and drive-time impacts to the local market and group attendance economics;
  • Prepared a detailed feasibility analysis, including market assessment and pro forma financial performance for the client under its brand.

Entertainment – Theme Parks

Development, Management, Banking, & M&A Services

  • Assisted in development of an entertainment company as a subsidiary of a Fortune 500 company;
  • Conducted an in-depth market assessment of the themed entertainment sector and advised Fortune 500 client of how to best expand its operations within the industry;
  • Developed a Strategic Plan for presentation to its board of directors; Upon approval by the board of directors, developed a comprehensive business plan for implementation of the strategy;
  • Identified the acquisition targets and negotiated the purchases; developed the capital structure and assisted in financing the purchases; represented the client in negotiating and closing each purchase;
  • Assisted in the assessment and development of Greenfield parks including a major theme park and numerous waterparks; Provided operations expertise and developed and implement business process control and real-time financial reporting and projections;
  • The group performed in accordance with the business plan and became the seventh largest parks group in the world with industry leading operating margins.

Entertainment – Touring Shows

  • Retained by a leading design firm that developed a touring show for museums in the United States and Asia;
  • Assisted in defining the entertainment mix, analyzed the market demographics; worked with industry experts to review the pricing model and determine the acceptability of the physical tour requirements; developed a comprehensive economic model for the tour (including project development and creation);
  • Reviewed and provided analysis of the proposed contracts and corporate structure; assisted the client in redefining the licensing agreement terms and establishing a more tax favored corporate structure;
  • Determined the capital requirements and appropriate capital structure; assisted the client in redefining the tour elements to produce greater market acceptance and investor returns.

Wholesale / Distributor

Advisory and Management Services

  • Engaged by a regional petroleum wholesaler and distributor to develop assess the industry and develop a strategic plan for its redevelopment after the sale of its retail units;
  • During the engagement, the client also requested we assess its business processes and workflow process for margin improvement and assess and plan the relocation of one operating division;
  • Performed detail analysis of the company’s procedures, business processes, and workflow; performed accounting system and technology reviews; charted current workflow and redefined workflow for transaction processing; developed a business process and technology integration plan; realigned staff and developed a employee manual and job descriptions; established a comprehensive plan for workflow enhancement;
  • Implemented business process integration; technology plan to support the workflow enhancement; implemented V3’s proprietary annual business planning process;
    Provided interim COO services, allowing the CEO to function in an entrepreneurial capacity; Stationed a V3 associate to serve as COO of the company to lead the business process and workflow improvement;
  • To date, V3 has assisted the company in achieving dramatic workflow improvement, has transformed its technology to support continued growth and increased operating efficiencies, and has achieved an increase of over 1,000% in profitability.

 Wholesale / Distributor
  • Engaged by a regional food wholesaler and distributor to provide advisory services and turnaround consulting;
  • After diligence and review of the operations, V3 recommended that the Company file for bankruptcy;
  • Advised the company throughout the process and enabled the company to focus on the fiduciary obligations and reduce the exposure of the principal equity holder;
  • Assisted a purchase of some of the assets, through debt satisfaction of its senior creditor.

Advisory & Development
  • Engaged by a privately held technology company that provides data processing, e-business, laser imaging, and mail finishing solutions to government and private customers;
  • Performed an analysis of the cash flow requirements of the Company, its current balance sheet requirements


Advisory / Management

  • Prior to the formation of V3, the principals were involved with the expansion plans and management of a regional hospitality association. Through the efforts of the principals, the association grew from one state operations to thirteen and increased membership by 700%;
  • Provided executive management, operations management, professional services direction, financial services and board management.

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