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While money is fungible, capital - the life blood of every company - is not. Capital is unique and must be properly sized, structured, and aligned to support operational health. Correct Capital™ is defined through a process to create alignment and congruency between the capital and the capitalist. Both owners and financial sponsors have return and timing objectives for capital. If not specifically aligned, they conflict creating operational pressures and divergence in corporate direction. That's why we deliver Correct Capital™, the capital that serves and endures.

The Correct Capital™ Process:

  • Operational and Organizational Diligence
  • Economic Modeling to determine the correct amount of Correct Capital™
  • Definition and Alignment of Correct Capital™
  • Acquiring and Implementing Correct Capital™: (Our unique domestic and international capital sources have never failed to bring Correct Capital™ to the deal. Never! V3 is an extremely reliable funding advocate for you and your business enterprise)
  • Realizing : Closing the transaction in a timely manner, avoiding risky deal delays and creating the foundation for long term success. This is unmatched in the marketplace. Our process (diligence), expertise (experience), and reliability (Always!) are the keys to our clients' success at the closing table and in the marketplace.

Opportunities for Correct Capital™:

  • Growth objectives
  • Acquiring a business
  • Corrective balance sheet leverage
  • Annual business planning process

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