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is created for business owners through growth in shareholder value and for lenders through expeditious recovery of a productive banking relationship. V3 leads shareholder value growth and corporate health through detailed analysis, planning, and implementation of our comprehensive process for Performance Excellence solution.

We examine businesses from a holistic, non-silo approach. Our process for performance excellence is supported by significant market and operational expertise, a unique domestic and international capital network, and a proven track record that has never failed to bring capital and enhanced shareholder to our clients.

Recent example of our :


Wholesale Distribution and Transportation

Background: Losses in each of the preceding 3 years averaging $500,000 with asset sales occurring to offset operational losses.
Engagement: V3 was originally engaged to perform a market assessment and to develop a strategic plan to realign the Company within the market or advise the client as to available market alternatives. After performing the assessment and developing the strategic plan, the client hired a new COO to implement the plan. The client discovered accounting irregularities, significant aging of its AR, and engaged V3 to perform an operational assessment. V3 was subsequently hired to provide turnaround and interim COO services.
The : V3 completely restructured the accounting and IT systems, realigned the management team, implemented business processes including credit processes, implemented management and operational training and used its Process for Performance Excellence to restore profitability. In less than 12 months, the profits increased by over $2.5 million providing a Return on Investment (ROI on the cost of V3’s services) exceeding 1,200%.

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